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New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library,  Plimpton MS 184
Description: ff. 21 + i - In red English velvet over boards, s. XIX. - Armorial bookplate of "Bateman of Middleton Hall (by Youlgrave) in the County of Derby"; not in Bateman sale, Sotheby's, May 1893 (cf. de Ricci); on f. i, description of the ms in German mentioning the Bateman bookplate; George A. Plimpton (1855-1936). - De Ricci, p. 1786.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 5
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Part 1: ff. 1-21v
Description: - Paper - Ochsenkopfof the type of Piccard I:241-6. - 200 x 142 mm - First quire of 12 leaves, + one in the first position; second quire of 10 leaves, minus one in the 7th position after f. 19, and minus the last leaf; 28 long lines.
Country: GermanyCardinal point:
Region: Bavaria?City:
Assigned Date: s. XVmedSearchable Date Range: 1440 - 1460
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;1
Scribe(s): Hainricus Muglinchk
Script: Gothic cursive minuscule
Figurative Decoration: Allegorical drawings, ff. 1, 10v.
Other Decoration: Green and red opening initial containing a face; red capitals at beginnings of chapters; 2 colored drawings, including a rendering of a hornbook; rubricated and underscored in red throughout.
Notes: Notes on weather, etc., on f. 1v, include references to Bavaria.
Number of Texts: 2

Text 1: ff. 2-10v
Author: Iohannes de Sacrobosco
Title: Algorismus
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Omnia que a primeva rerum orgine processerunt
Explicit: sive completi sive incompleti qui modus operandi id est cum predicto. Et hec de radice [sic] extractione dicta sufficient. Explicit algorismus.
Notes: On f. 1, a colored drawing; on f. 1v, a rotary inscription recounting a magical drawn figure of "Hainricus Mugling" [sic] that accused him of being a "fur" and a "luxuriosus mendax"; also, a note in Latin on the weather and an earthquake in 1442-1444. 
Not Availablef. 1   Allegory of Astronomy with a model of the spheres; on scroll, "Astronomia: Astra viasque poli variasque vendico soli; Ich astronomia kan zu alle s__?___st, Wye der planetyn lauff ist."

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Not Availablef. 2   Initial O filled in to make a face.

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Not Availablef. 10v   Allegory of Algorism and pupil with hornbook; on scroll, "Ich pin algorismus genant das raittyn hav ich in meinner hant"; at bottom, "Arismetrica: Explico per numerum que sit propositio vocum; Wye man raittyn und zelyn schol, Kan ich Arismetrica woll."

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Text 2: ff. 11v-20v
Title: De arte numerandi
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Ad habendum artem numerandi et computandi scribendum __est___ prius quod novem sunt figure significative scilicet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Explicit: Et sic suo modo possunt sotrari alia exempla et cetera.
Notes: Tables of numbers on ff. 11, 18v-19. On ff. 19v-20v, material in a later hand (ca. 1500?) on progressions, rule of three, partnership and interest. 
Not Availablef. 11   Chart.

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Not Availableff. 16v-17   Painted initial.

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