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Title:Robust regression based on infinitesimal neighborhoods
Author(s):Bickel, P. J.; 
Date issued:Nov. 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Ann. Statist., 1984, 1349-1368.
Keyword note:Bickel__Peter_John
Report ID:16

Title:Maximum likelihood estimation in a latent variable problem
Author(s):Brillinger, D.; Preisler, H.; 
Date issued:Nov. 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Studies in Econometrics, Time Series, and Multivariate Statistics, (eds. S. Karlin, T. Amemiya, L. A. Goodman). Academic Press, New York, 1983, pp. 31-65.
Keyword note:Brillinger__David_R Preisler__Haiganoush_Krikorian
Report ID:15

Title:A review of a residential energy end use model
Author(s):Freedman, D. A.; Rothenberg, T.; Sutch, R.; 
Date issued:Oct. 1982 (PDF)
Keyword note:Freedman__David Rothenberg__T Sutch__R
Report ID:14

Title:Minimax estimation of the mean of a mean of a normal distribution subject to doing well at a point
Author(s):Bickel, P. J.; 
Date issued:April 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Recent Advances in Statistics, Academic Press, 1983.
Keyword note:Bickel__Peter_John
Report ID:12

Title:A remark on adjusting for covariates in multiple regression
Author(s):Eaton, M. L.; Freedman, D. A.; 
Date issued:Sept. 1982 (PDF)
Keyword note:Eaton__Morris_L Freedman__David
Report ID:11

Title:Bootstrapping a regression equation: some empirical results
Author(s):Freedman, D. A.; Peters, S.; 
Date issued:July 1982
Date modified:revised Aug. 1983 (PDF)
Pub info:JASA, 1984, , 97-106.
Keyword note:Freedman__David Peters__S_C
Report ID:10

Title:Estimating optimal transformations for multiple regression and correlation
Author(s):Breiman, L.; Friedman, J.; 
Date issued:July 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:JASA, 1985.
Keyword note:Breiman__Leo Friedman__J_H
Report ID:9

Title:Minimizing Fisher information over mixtures of distributions
Author(s):Bickel, P. J.; Collins, J.; 
Date issued:March 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Sankhya, 1983, , Series A, Pt. 1, 1-19.
Keyword note:Bickel__Peter_John Collins__John_Richard
Report ID:8

Title:Bootstrapping regression models with many parameters
Author(s):Bickel, P. J.; Freedman, D. A.; 
Date issued:June 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Lehmann Festschrift, (P. J. Bickel, K. Doksum and J. L. Hodges, Jr., eds.) Wadsworth Press, Belmont, 1983, 28-48.
Keyword note:Bickel__Peter_John Freedman__David
Report ID:7

Title:Jackknife approximation to bootstrap estimates
Author(s):Beran, R.; 
Date issued:May 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Ann. Statist., March 1984, No. 1, 101-118.
Keyword note:Beran__Rudy_J
Report ID:6

Title:Spectrum estimation and system identification relying on a Fourier transform
Author(s):Brillinger, D. R.; Tukey, J. W.; 
Date issued:March 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:The Collected Works of J. W. Tukey, vol. 2, Wadsworth, 1985, 1001-1141.
Keyword note:Brillinger__David_R Tukey__J_W
Report ID:5

Title:Sums of functions of nearest neighbor distances, moment bounds, limit theorems and a goodness of fit test
Author(s):Bickel, P. J.; Breiman, L.; 
Date issued:Feb. 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Ann. Prob., 1983, . No. 1, 185-214.
Keyword note:Bickel__Peter_John Breiman__Leo
Report ID:4

Title:On the performance of estimates in proportional hazard and log-linear models
Author(s):Doksum, K. A.; 
Date issued:Jan. 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Survival Analysis, (John Crowley and Richard A. Johnson, eds.) IMS Lecture Notes - Monograph Series, (Shanti S. Gupta, series ed.) 1982, 74-84.
Keyword note:Doksum__Kjell_Andreas
Report ID:3

Title:Some contrasting examples of the time and frequency domain approaches to time series analysis
Author(s):Brillinger, D. R.; 
Date issued:Jan. 1982 (PDF)
Pub info:Time Series Methods in Hydrosciences, (A. H. El-Shaarawi and S. R. Esterby, eds.) Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1982, pp. 1-15.
Keyword note:Brillinger__David_R
Report ID:2